Uncle B. Publications, LLC. is an independent publisher operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Uncle B. Publications, LLC. began publishing as an imprint in 2011, publishing Pulp Modern, a print fiction digest. The idea of a multi-genre pulp fiction magazine was unheard of in 2011. Pulp Modern has gone on to set the gold standard for every independent fiction journal in its wake.

Watching self-imposed and corporate-imposed censorship sterilize the independent fiction scene over the last five years, CEO Alec Cizak decided, in 2019, to expand Uncle B. into a full-on publishing imprint. His intention is to publish books and authors other publishers, whether major or independent, don’t have the courage to.

In the coming months, Uncle B. will publish books by Verna Hampton, Tia Ja’nae, James Lilly, Jim Towns, Ronin Heck, Mehmet Akgönül, and many others.