J.D. is an author and playwright who lives behind the pine curtain of East Texas. His debut novel, MAYHEM SAM, will be published soon by Death’s Head Press, and has been called, “…A horrifying tumbleweed of violence, depravity, and greed.” His stage-plays, Tall Pines Lodge, was an official selection of the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival, Stanley and Jim, premiered June 2009 at the Manhattan Rep Theatre to an audience of three people. His short fiction can be read in: Black Mask, Mystery Weekly, Rock And A Hard Place, Tough, Pulp Modern: Tech Noir, Switchblade, Broadswords & Blasters, etc. He currently serves as founder and Editor-in-Chief of neo-genre rag, EconoClash Review, an imprint of Down & Out Books.