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It All Starts
With Words

IFA is a membership association of independent authors, poets, magazines and publishers. We uphold the value of our members’ written work and help them thrive alongside the businesses that use their published material every day.

IFA is home to more than 50 writing and publishing creator members across all literary genres – the greatest names in independent fiction, plus those in the early stages of their careers. We are the only independent writer and publisher society in the US owned and governed by our members.

We Keep It 100


We maintain a vigilant watch over our members work in the literary arena, a responsibility with far- reaching impact, financial and artistic.


IFA strives to keep its members informed of their literary rights as well as all updated changes and industry standards to ensure their works continue to be protected.


IFA furthers the interests of its members by setting the standard of independent publishing in fairness to writers and publishers.


IFA nominates its members for an array of awards every year. The proposed name for these awards are The Mavericks.

Why Choose the IFA?

literary allegiance

Unification ensures our members maintain respect and support of their work.

Professional skills

Membership allows members to explore other facets of the literary industry.

Career Development

Membership allows members a direct marketing and advertising outlet of their work.

networking opportunities

Membership introduces our members to writers, poets, and publishers directly without agents.

ifa literary vision

IFA defends our members unfettered right to freedom of speech and expression.

literary entrepreneurship

IFA helps its members with contracts, deals, and other negotiating tactics.

Our History

Once Upon
A Time

The IFA was founded by Alec Cizak and Scotch Rutherford. Its overall aim is to support, promote and celebrate this most durable, adaptable and successful of genres while defending the authors and publishers’ unfettered right to freedom of speech. The IFA’s everyday aim is to support both author and publisher in the promotion of their body of work.

The IFA is a thriving, growing community and a broad church. Its membership encompasses publishers and writers of all kinds of genres including, but not limited to, crime, noir, horror, science fiction, fantasy, westerns, war, adventure, romance, literary, and poetry . Authors and Publishers over the age of eighteen years old and at all stages of their careers, from young debuts to established veterans, hold membership. While the IFA is US-based, it attracts many international publishers, reviewers, bloggers and editors who specialize in crime fiction and non-fiction.

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