Anvil Tongue Books is also the name of the book publishing (ad)venture, a vessel which exists because of the blog. We have some great books forthcoming, so please stay tuned. More details will be shared as progresses are made.

Both things belong to the same wild idea: creating and experiencing art is a necessity to the soul. We create art to approach and honor the unfathomable.

Editor in Cheif D.C. Wojciech is the author of the poetry collections The Longest Breath (Anvil Tongue, 2020) and DAY & NIGHT (Anvil Tongue, 2021). Select poems appear online, in print and on the radio via: Burning House PressEmpty Mirror, Expat Press, Joyless HouseSulfur: Surrealist Jungle, and NPR. After founding Silver Pinion in 2018,  D.C. stepped down as EiC and started Anvil Tongue Books in 2020. He spent many of his formative years traveling throughout the west coast of the United States.

Contributing Editor Shaimaa Abdelkarim @shaimabdelkarim researches and lectures on anti-colonial resistance and contemporary social movements in and beyond the legal terrain. She has published poems in Burning House Press and Silver Pinion. She was a co-editor of Silver Pinion (2021). Her interests lie in all forms of enunciations on resistance and traversing different genres of being.

Cover Artist

James Knight is a writer and visual poet. Recent publications include Chimera (Penteract Press), Machine (Trickhouse Press), Rites & Passages (Salò Press) and Bloods Dream (Beir Bua Press). He runs visual poetry press Steel Incisors. Twitter: @badbadpoet. Website: Instagram: @jkbirdking