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Chinaski Award Winners

2024 Chinaski Award Winner

Roots Down to Hell

A novel that takes no prisoners, Roots Down to Hell is the current Chinaski Award winner.

2023 Chinaski Award Winner

JACKED: An Anthology of Crime Fiction

The critically-acclaimed crime fiction anthology from Run Amok Books. Featuring stories by Andrew Miller, Meredith Craig, and Eric Beetner.

2022 Chinaski Award Winner

Ghosts on the Block Never Sleep

Tia Ja’nae’s controversial novel is now out of print. A novel that scares the status quo this bad will always garner the defense and attention of the Independent Fiction Alliance. Ghosts on the Block Never Sleep was the first book to win the award and it exemplifies what the IFA looks for when choosing the most radical, revolutionary texts of a given year.

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