Close To The Bone Publishing is an independent publisher in the UK.  While not shy about being rough around the edges, Close To The Bone Publishing strives to help authors getting their work into print. Founded in 2017, Close To The Bone Publishing was from the start intended to give voice to writers of fiction and poetry, and, in their own words, to provide opportunities and to cut the bullshit out of publishing.

In the years that have followed, Close To The Bone Publishing has realized this vision with its creative and motivated staff acquiring, publishing, and marketing a list of successful and highly acclaimed books, many of them award-winners and bestsellers. With over fifty books in print, Close To The Bone Publishing continues to bring gritty and interesting short fiction across multiple genres from a range of talented writers and poets.

At Close To The Bone Publishing, critically acclaimed authors soar to new heights while the finest new voices—the bestsellers of tomorrow—are discovered and nurtured with an eye toward a limitless future in short fiction and poetry. Among the many successful authors Close To The Bone Publishing is proud to publish are Stephen J. Golds, John Bowie, Gabriel Hart, Amy-Jean Muller, William R. Soldan, Andrew Davie, Paul Heatley, Simon Maltman, Paul D. Brazil, Dan Sherven, Mark Slade, Tom Leins, Andy Rauch, Ricard Godwin, and others.

Close To The Bone Publishing publishes books for readers of all tastes and interests under its imprint.