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Our Publishers

Caledonia Press

Caledonia Press is an independent publisher operating out of Los Angeles, California.  Caledonia, defined as “the old world Roman Empire name for Scotland” perfectly describes the mission of t...

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Uncle B. Publications

Uncle B. Publications, LLC. is an independent publisher operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and began publishing as an imprint in 2020, expanding from exclusively publishing Pulp Modern, i...

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Cirsova Publishing

Cirsova Publishing has been publishing thrilling adventure science fiction and fantasy since 2016.  Growing out of the OSR blogging community and research into Appendix N Fiction, Cirsova Publ...

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Close To The Bone

Close To The Bone Publishing is an independent publisher in the UK.  While not shy about being rough around the edges, Close To The Bone Publishing strives to help authors getting their work i...

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Larque Press

Larque Press is an independent publisher located in the United States. Known for publishing a facet of different genres, Larque Press is your ultimate source for independent books, antholog...

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Terror House Press

Terror House Press is an independent publishing house focused on nurturing and promoting the best up-and-coming writers of our generation. Founded on May 14, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary by auth...

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Anvil Tongue Books

Anvil Tongue Books is also the name of the book publishing (ad)venture, a vessel which exists because of the blog. We have some great books forthcoming, so please stay tuned. More details will...

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Outcast Press

Outcast Press wants stories cut from the bone, written from the gristle that sticks to your soul, based off brain-burning images scorched onto paper. We like raw, honest, dark, in-your-face,...

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Pint Bottle Press

Pint Bottle Press is an independent publisher with a focus on pulp horror fiction.  They are also proudly an Alabama company founded by the legendary author Matthew Weber. Pint Bottle Press...

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Our Magazines & Journals

Econoclash Review

ECR is home for exceptional content featuring shady casino hosts, murderous junkies, pregnant prom queens, strange kaiju cults, small town larceny and Sasquatch love brides. Or in other words…...

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Coffin Bell Journal

Coffin Bell is an online journal of dark literature edited by Tamara Burross Grisanti and a staff of volunteer editors. Coffin Bell is looking for poetry, flash fiction, short stories, creativ...

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Pulp Modern

Pulp Modern is an independently owned print journal specializing in fiction. Specifically, we indulge in any and all crime, noir, fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, wa...

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The Digest Enthusiast

The Digest Enthusiast celebrates genre fiction magazines with interviews, articles, and reviews—plus fiction. Coverage includes newsstand favorites like Fate, F&SF, and Nostalgia Digest; i...

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Switchblade Magazine

Switchblade Magazine is an outlaw fiction print anthology featuring authors writing in the hardboiled/noir genre, and nothing else. They are not a literary magazine but a criminal culture dige...

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Our Authors

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