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IFA Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible To Join As A Writer?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements.

You can join IFA as an independent author if you’ve written or co-written a short story, novel, chapbook or volume of poetry work that is available to the public. It could be material that you were paid for contributing or submitted without pay; if it’s out there, you’re eligible to join.

Where can I obtain an IFA application?

IFA membership is by invite only.

Due to a high volume of email requests, at this time applications for IFA memberships will be given out by current members privately.

Can I become a member of IFA if I am already affiliated with another society?

Yes. We have no restrictions on membership.

IFA membership allows you the freedom to belong to any society of your choosing at your discretion. We hold no grudges or restrictions on literary affiliations. We believe in freedom of speech and expression in all manners of the literary marketplace.

Am I Eligible To Join As A Publisher?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements.

You can join ASCAP as a independent publisher if you (or your business, partnership, corporation, etc.) are actively engaged in the literary publishing business, and assume the financial risk involved in publishing written work. You are also eligible for a publisher membership if you are a writer and have not assigned your publishing rights to someone else.

How much is IFA membership?

Membership is free.

There is no one-time fee for each application submission nor annual fee for membership at this time.

Can I use my psuedonym in the IFA or my government name one a member??

It's up to you.

We encourage all members to use their known literary names for membership. Case in point – if you published under your pseudonym that’s the name you need to use in the IFA.

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