Pulp Modern is an independently owned print journal specializing in fiction.

Specifically, we indulge in any and all crime, noir, fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, war, and westerns (and their subgenres), founded by our commander-in-chief Alec Cizak.  Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alec Cizak also didn’t see any big-time publications publishing riskier stories, so he felt there was a need for a market that could take chances since no advertising dollars were on the line. That’s not a slam on the majors, by the way. Cizak just understood Simon and Schuster bought all the major, medium, and small commercial imprints out, and as such their interests were beholden to advertisers who may not have wanted to be associated with gut-honest stories about junkies, pimps, and hookers.

As time passed, the original underground pulps either folded or went low key.

Thuglit, Twist of Noir, Crime Factory, Pulp Metal, and other ‘giants’ of the indie scene became defunct. Cizak continued publishing Pulp Modern because it provided a place for new writers to get their work in print. He supposes it’s become something like a farm team in baseball. Writers get their work in Pulp Modern and then move on to get agents and contracts with Simon and Schuster and all that good stuff