Uncle B. Publications, LLC. is an independent publisher operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and began publishing as an imprint in 2020, expanding from exclusively publishing Pulp Modern, it’s flagship anthology series. What was a revolutionary idea at the time has gone on to become a modern publishing company that releases multigenres of books yearly.

Uncle B. Publications, LLC. was from the start intended to give voice to writers of pulp fiction and crime fiction, filling the void of independent publications that went defunct. Facing a lack of big-time publications publishing riskier stories, Uncle B. Publications, LLC. felt there was a need for a market that could take chances since no advertising dollars were on the line.

In the years that have followed, Uncle B. Publications, LLC. has realized this vision with its creative and motivated staff acquiring, publishing, and marketing a list of upcoming books, bringing gritty and interesting literature across multiple genres from a range of talented writers and poets.

At Uncle B. Publications, LLC., critically acclaimed authors soar to new heights within the unspoken and often overlooked gritty crime fiction. Among the many successful authors Uncle B. Publications, LLC. is proud to publish are Stephen J. Golds, Gabriel Hart, Alec Cizak, C.W. Blackwell, Tia Ja’nae, J.D. Graves, Rex Weiner, Russell Thayer, Albert Tucher, Matthew X. Gomez, Scott Forbes Crawford, Adam S. Furman, Adam S. House, and S. Craig Renfroe Jr., and others.

Uncle B. Publications, LLC. Publishing publishes books for readers of all tastes and interests under its imprint.